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iPod: Phase

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Phase Screenshot
Hours Played: 10+ hours
Progress: Completed Insane difficulty marathon.Phase is a music-based game much like Guitar Hero (mostly since its made by the same people). It uses songs in your iTunes library that you add to a special Phase playlist and it automatically creates the patterns.

Usagi Comix

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Usagi Comix!


The brand new Usagi Comix  site is now open.  Just click the image above, or the link on the side to see our tester comic.  More to come shortly.


-Mr. Miyamoto

Anime Movie Guide

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007



The new Anime Movie Guide is up. It’s not complete yet, but I thought that I would put up what has been finished so that you can at least start watching some of the many good anime movies out there, ’cause there are a lot!

You can see it here:

Or at any time by clicking it’s entry in our sidebar.

Many more movies will still be added, and then it will be updated every time I see a new anime movie.


-Mr. Miyamoto

Coming Soon…

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Future Bunny


Coming soon to a Game Usagi near you:

  • 100% revamped ratings system complete with original graphics and Dolby surround sound*
  • Actual posts (*gasp*) (expect reviews for: Halo 3, Beautiful Katamari, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, HL2 Orange Box & more!)
  • Special Anime Movie feature detailing which anime movies to see before you die (’cause you will, I promise)
  • Other cool things and usagi

-Mr. Miyamoto

*not actually Dolby

P.S. Also, a podcast may be in the cards.

Review: Metroid Prime Corruption

Friday, September 7th, 2007

These guys are mean...


The Metroid Prime series has garnered a very respectable amount of interest since it’s introduction in 2002. Five years later, we find ourselves faced with the final entry in this unique series. I, like many of you, picked up this game as soon as was humanly possible and haven’t been able to move myself away from it since (hence the delay in this review).


Why No Updates?

Thursday, August 30th, 2007


Metroid Prime 3. Bioshock. Call of Duty 4 BETA. These games are simply amazing, and I would greatly recommend them to anyone (except maybe the CoD4 Beta, seeing as how it’s hard to get in). I’m going to play more of these right now.

Also, my FTP site is down.

More reviews coming shortly!


From The Underground: Burnout Legends PSP

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

From the Underground (FTU) is our new section for games that, while amazing, were unfortunately overlooked when they were released. The Game Usagi has gone out of its way to dig these games up from the underground to bring to light for its readers. To start us off is a game that has quickly started taking up more and more of my portable gaming time.

Burnout has always been a good series on all of the systems that have housed its iterations. This is especially true on the PSP. Now, Sony and I have never gotten along very well. So it would take an extra special game for me to acknowledge greatness on the industry’s #2 portable. Albeit, the greatness does not neccessarily come from Sony, but from EA. Sony did, however, take the leap of faith in making an over-powered portable that made this game possible.

Burnout Legends (BL) gives gamers incredible speed, silky smooth framerate, amazing graphics, and the ability to wreck some very fancy cars. The World Tour mode is where I’ve been spending most of my time, as it presents one with varied challenges and the ability to unlock new cars and events for superior performances. With 80-some cars to unlock and a plethora of adrenaline-charged races, BL is a must for any PSP gamer, even ones (like myself) who are not in to racing games at all.

For likely the vast majority of you without PSPs, is this game a system-seller? Perhaps. I think that the PSP has other games more worthy of that title (Me & My Katamari, Crush, and Loco Roco). The PSP is a solid system, even though I enjoy my DS more. Hopefully Sony will keep trying to keep this portable afloat, as I’m anxious for even more unique, original, or just plain fun games for it.

Review: Mega Man StarForce

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Hours played: ~ 3-4 hours

I’m going to start off this review with a disclaimer which is that I absolutely adored the Mega Man Battle Network (MMBN) series on the GBA. This, of course, is going to have much bearing on my review of the new StarForce (SF) games, because they are the spiritual successors to the Battle Network games.

The games essentially operate in the exact same way as the MMBN. You control a human who has a virtual counterpart (Mega Man-style) and you fight viruses in computers while collecting battle chips. There are many spins on the classic formula, though, that both enhance and hinder the gameplay as a whole.


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