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Review: Metroid Prime Corruption

Friday, September 7th, 2007

These guys are mean...


The Metroid Prime series has garnered a very respectable amount of interest since it's introduction in 2002. Five years later, we find ourselves faced with the final entry in this unique series. I, like many of you, picked up this game as soon as was humanly possible and haven't been able to move myself away from it since (hence the delay in this review).

The basic point of this review is to say "This ar teh besterest gayme evar!!1!1!" in as eloquent of a manner as possible. I'll cover a few things you may be wondering about this game and then end this with the inevitable perfect score.


The graphics in Metroid Prime 3 are quite good. This is coming from someone who looks back on Oblivion and wonders how they got by with such crappy graphics. Of course when I praise MP3's graphics, it is relatively speaking. As a Wii game, as a Metroid game, and as a next gen game, MP3 shines wonderfully in both the graphics and sound departments. The textures are great, the HDR (high dynamic range) lighting is great, the new character models are great. My one qualm is that they didn't improve the initial Samus character model at all from the Cube versions. Side-by-side, they're the same.


The soundtrack is pretty awesome as well. Old favourite songs from the MP series return, accompanied by some new ones that stay wonderfully true to the MP series, and always provide the right ambiance at the right time.


Improvements in the overall gameplay are numerous as well. Foremost, of course, are the Wii controls which should solidify in everyone's minds that the Wii is an FPS machine. Now, whenever you get an upgrade for your missiles, arm cannon, or ball form, they are cumulative. That means that there's no clunky switching between cannon flavours or looking for enough ammo for your arm cannon anymore. Also, the visor count as been shaved down to three -- two of which you start with. While in theory these changes may seem like lethargy on the developers' parts, they actually substantially increase your enjoyment of the game as a whole.


One top of all of this, there is a new "bonus" section where you can buy interesting extras to be used inside the game. What do you buy them with? Medals that you (or your friends) earn while playing the game. You get a gold medal for winning boss battles, a blue medal for scanning Lore, and a red medal for scanning various sundry characters/enemies. There are also green medals that you can only come across by receiving them from a friend that also has a Wii & MP3. While in the game, you earn what can be likened to Xbox 360's achievements for doing cool stuff in the game. For example, I've received rewards for a "stylish kill" for blowing up a bridge behind me and watching enemies fall to their demise, and for a "frozen reptilicide" by freezing one of the lizard-like enemies mid-attack and having them destroy themselves. Once you get these achievements, you also get a friend voucher. These are of no use to you, but once you send them to a friend, they can convert them to friend medals and spend them on bonus things. The bonuses are awesome, so try to find a friend that will exchange vouchers with you. ;)


Overall, MP3 is an experience that is not to be missed on the Wii. With more potential hours than Bioshock, and an immersive and expansive world, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't give it anything but a:





The Usagi says: "Get this game!!!"

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