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Usagicast Episode 1

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008


Introductions, Top 10 Best Video Games, Talking Speakers, and Zombie Plans in the premiere episode of the Usagicast.

Retro Console of the Day: Neo Geo Pocket Color.

Hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording!

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WR: Gears of War 2 (360)

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008
Mmm.... character models
  Developer: Epic Games Publisher: Microsoft Players: 1-2 (10 online) Console: Xbox 360 ESRB Rating: M (Mature) TestFreaks Score: 10/10 Hours Played: ~ 15 hours Progress: Beat game on Hardcore, played lots of online Well, we didn't kill all of them critters last time, so here we are again.  An instant flagship title for Microsoft, the Gears series has made quite a name for itself in the gaming world.  Known particularly for ridiculously tasty visuals and plentiful gore, can this game possibly live up to the ridiculous standards set by the original?  (All screens in this review can be clicked to be enlarged and are all taken from IN GAME action.)
  Graphics You can't start a Gears review with anything but graphics discussion.  There is essentially no way for me to adequately describe how awesome this game looks.  I had to stop many a time (when not being eaten by various things) to stare in awe at how beautiful everything was.  Everything you'd want graphic-wise is present in full force.  The effects are amazing, fire sends smoke and embers into the air, and not the fakey cloudy smoke but real decent smoke.  The water ripples pristinely, reflects its surroundings, and responds appropriately to stimuli while maintaining a murky feeling.  There are "god rays" where necessary to show the light bouncing off of dust particles, as well as actual individual dust particles that swirl around.  The physics are managed quite capably by Nvidia's PhysX engine, and it makes the bodies' rag doll effects as well as explosions look awesome. I constantly remarked while playing this game that the environments must look exactly like the concept art.  Even though everything is rendered in real time, it all most certainly looks either pre-rendered or painted.  The laborious nights without sleep spent making this game look as good as computerly possible are extremely evident and appreciated in a market where the majority of the games released are just trying to make a quick buck off of people too ill-informed to read reviews such as this one.  I give the graphics a "superb".
  Totally not pre-rendered.  So cool.
  Sound The sound in this game is similarly fantastic.  Just as in the first game, and many games for that matter, the intenseness of the music is used to signify if enemies are still around in addition to other things.  The soundtrack is definitely a little more classy than the first game's, largely due to the absence of random rap songs at the end.  Otherwise, the score and sound effects feel exactly the same as the ones used in the first Gears.  That certainly isn't a bad thing, but perhaps a more notable soundtrack, with a killer and sweeping opening song (similar in concept to that found in Devil May Cry 4) would have at least made people interested in buying the soundtrack for this game.  I'll give the sound a "cool".
  Controls The game controls pretty much exactly like the original Gears as well.  There are a couple of new finishing moves that can be executed on down-but-not-out enemies by pressing diferent buttons in their vicinity, but otherwise not a whole lot new.  There is the ability to stick the standard spikey grenades onto walls and set them as proximity mines by melee-ing a wall with them, but it serves of little use when you can't remember that you can do it, which I never do.  ^_^  Controls get a "comfy".
  Story This game very luckily has a better story than the first Gear's "SHOOOOOT IIIIIITT!!!!1!" plotline.  The narrative shifts the focus from the decrepid world in general to the main Gears themselves.  Everyone has a little more vested in the missions as they fight to reunite themselves with loved ones, save the literal last verstige of civilization, and take on monsters from the depths of their earth both unimiginably huge and grotesque.  Relationships between the main players are developed further and people are both loved and lost, as in any war.  You feel both emotive and weathered, just like the Gears, throughout the storyline as they experience true emotional horrors, and the more personable presentation of the characters helps to greatly increase the ability of the average gamer to identify with the characters' plights.  The storyline gets an "epic".
  It's sooo pretty!
  Multiplayer Luckily there is beginning to be a slight shift in the gaming industry back to single-console multiplayer.  Many, many people in the world have both siblings and friends that they'd like to play their video games with, and far too many developers have been ignoring this fact in the last generation of games.  Fortunately, there are games like Gears of War that lead the pack in both online and offline compatibility with multiple players on a single console.  Like the last Gears, two players per console can go and either play the entire campaign through co-operatively (and get more achievements to boot) or go online and participate in good old online skirmish matches or play the new Hoarde mode.  Hoarde pits 5 players against wave upon wave of Locust (up to 50 levels) in varying sizes and difficulties.  The first Hoarde achievement that you receive comes at level 20, and it is no surprise that both before and after that landmark the waves seem to be particularly challenging.  This mode can be a blast if you have a good team, or an ordeal if you do not.  As soon as someone decides that they want more points and goes of by themselves, it spells certain doom for them and perhaps for the whole team as a whole is made in their defenses. Another great new feature of multiplayer takes place is the regular Versus matches after you die.  Once you die, not only can you chat with your fellow deceased from both sides of the skirmish, but you can also activate something called the Ghost Camera and just shuffle youself over the entire map either watching the remaining players fight from great vantage points or scouting the level for weapon spawn points.  Multiplayer gets a "sweet".
  Summary Graphics: + Awesome effects + Sweeping and amazing environments + Good lip sync + Nice high-res textures on everything - Water when taken in huge quantities behaves strangely Audio: + Fitting score + Awesome voice acting - Not any real improvement over the first Gears Gameplay: + Smoothed out controls + More poignant story + Spectacular single-console multiplayer - Kind of short - Last boss is a disappointment




Web Review: Club Nintendo (North America)

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
Ha ha, I'm uber-platinum Well, Club Nintendo has finally been implemented for North America.  Does this long-awaited turn of events live up to all of the hype? The best part of the North American Club Nintendo is that it is fully retroactive with all of the games that you have been dutifully registering on your My Nintendo account.  As you can see by my awesome amount of points above, many of the games that I have registered in the past were applicable to my coin balance. One thing of note is that you have to complete the games respective survey about where you bought it and why before the coins are credited to your account.  I was unaware of this and became rather upset when I finished migrating my old My Nintendo account over and seeing a balance of 0. The one downside of the North American Club Nintendo is that the prizes are currently kinda lame.  The top two prizes, each costing 800 coins are Nintendo-style Hanafuda cards and a Game & Watch DS collection.  I already have both of these and the hanafuda cards, while cool, are rather small, and the G&W collection has maybe three games in it and pales in comparison to the old G&W collections on the GBC that were quite awesome. You get 50 coins for each Wii game you enter and 30 coins for each DS game you enter, so the coins roughly convert equally to the dollars spent on the games.  You get an extra 10 coins for registering a game within 4 weeks of its launch and another extra 10 coins if you say that you plan on buying a game before you do.  (You currently cannot use the plan-to-buy feature, but it's coming).  Wii Fit, since it is more expensive, is worth 80 coins when you register it.

Overall, not a bad experience.  Will be much better when proper prizes are available.



Left 4 Dead (PC)

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Developer: Valve (Turtle Rock Studios)

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Players: 1 (1-8 online)

Console: PC/Xbox 360

ESRB Rating: M (Mature)

Hours Played: 16 hours

Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? Have you ever seen George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead, made way back in the 80’s? How about the latest remake? You know the movie where the zombies actually run at the people instead of sleep walking and groaning about back pains? Well, Left 4 Dead is a lot like the new Day of the Dead, it has zombies, blood, guns, and a lot more zombies! The zombies charge at you at full speed, none of that sleep walking business. You and your three other teammates (either humans or bots) will have work together and learn how to coordinate extremely well on the higher difficulties if you plan to survive.


The game places you as one of four characters inside one of four campaigns or “movies”. Each campaign has its own poster when loading and if you make it out alive you can check out your stats for the game in the form of end credits. Within each movie there are five levels, the levels are separated by safe zones. The whole idea with the presentation is to give the game a feel of a zombie flick, lots of action and no story. If I were to rate this game on story alone, well, lets just say I won’t and move on. You play as one of four characters in the movie and basically create your own movie because each time you play a level it will be different thanks to the AI called, “The Director”. Other than relating to a zombie movie, Left 4 Dead isn’t a title with a good story, or any story at all. You start at point A and have to make it alive to point B to escape, that’s it. There is nothing related to why you are there or how the zombies came to be, it’s up to you to use your imagination.


The AI Director is what is unique about this title, I mean I know zombies are unique too but come on, when was the last time you heard something called the AI Director. This director continuously watches over the game, analyzing everything from how much ammo and first aid kits you have to how much health everyone has, who is dead and will either increase or decrease the difficulty depending on those factors. Guns, health, grenades, monsters, all of these things are controlled by the director which means every time you play the game it will be a different experience.

Unfortunately you will only find eleven weapons in Left 4 Dead, which I’m sure is not encouraging some of you to play the game. However, the weapons are extremely well balanced and each weapon has a unique feel. There are first tier guns that you get to choose from when starting a game, a submachine gun, a pump action shotgun and of course you will always have a pistol (infinite ammo). After mercilessly and violently filling the enemy with lead for some time, you will stumble upon tier two weapons, such as a full auto shotgun, assault rifle and a hunting rifle (sniper weapon). Along with the fairly standard weapons, you will find two different types of grenades: Molotov cocktails and pipe bombs.  Essentially, you will toss the pipe bomb and watch as the horde of infected run crazily after it and explode after a short duration. Oxygen and propane tanks as well as gas canisters can be found through out the levels, and it’s usually a good idea to grab and position them, as it usually means you are about to be destroyed by mass amounts of enemies. When I say mass amount of enemies I bet you think I’m talking about several hundred, how about a little more than that? After I complete a campaign we have killed on average about 1,800 zombies, so look forward to non-stop action.

The game boasts both single player and multiplayer modes, though the only difference between the two is single player is offline and has bots controlling the other three characters. Single player is only really useful for the two people who don’t have an internet connection or those who are just starting out as it makes for a good tutorial. The bots play extremely defensively and almost never take the lead; it is up to you to lead the group of bots through the level. What the bots lack in offense they make up for it in defence, they are team players who stick together and heal you when needed. Surprisingly the bots are more helpful than bots in other games such as Gears of War, where you want to punch and yell at them for standing in the way of gunfire. Though the single player is fun, this game at heart is meant to be played cooperatively.

Multiplayer is best played with three other people who have headsets or some form of voice communication. If you want to succeed, communication is key. The game can get pretty hairy at times and you will be yelling at your friends to save you because a smoker came from behind and dragged you fifty feet away from everyone else and beat you until there was nothing left of your body. If you don’t have a headset, you will simply not get the full experience, though there are quite a number of preset voice commands you can use. Working as a team really pays off, especially when things go terribly wrong. If you stick together and work as a team there really is a sense of accomplishment after defeating a swarm of infected or grouping up to take down a Tank. That feeling of accomplishment and feeling of working together to overcome an obstacle is a great experience and also something that I find is missing from most games. One thing Valve made sure was in the game is blood. There is tons of it! It’s so satisfying unloading a round from your auto shotgun point blank into an infected and watching the blood splash across the screen.

Another fine touch is the interface, it was the first thing that grabbed my attention when I booted up the game. All of your teammate’s health appears on the bottom of the screen showing you what items they have so you know at all times who has what. Little icons will pop up showing you where items are when you come near them and if you turn away from the item and are still close to it the icon will move to the corner of the screen in the direction of the item with a arrow pointing the way without being annoying. These icons will also appear if you somehow manage to shoot a teammate, a red circle with a line will pop-up on the character you shot to let you know you suck at first person shooters. In fact, I thought the notifications were done extraordinarily well as I usually don’t care enough about little details like that to write about them.


Valve has done a spectacular job with the details in this game. Although the graphics are not up to Crysis standards, the Source engine carries its own weight. The character models and animations are impressive though the movement of the characters feels a little floaty. One of the little things that bugs me and makes me ask, “Why didn’t they put that in?” is the lighting of the flashlights. When you look over at a fellow teammate you can see a beam of light coming from their weapon, but that’s it. Your teammates flashlight doesn't light anything for you, it's just a animation from their gun. Your flashlight is the only one that gives light you can see, why would they do that? Putting my little nit pick aside, I am amazed at the level of detail in this game, everything from the smoke exhaling from your duel pistols to the writing on the walls in the safe rooms, even the blood splattered against the wall. All of the details Valve has put in really add to the atmosphere. Your heart rate and adrenaline will kick up when you hear the music building up and creating suspense, never knowing if a swarm of infected are going to head your way.


Character voices are done extremely well. There is even a little chatter among the characters when you pick up items or if someone's significantly injured. Every gun sounds awesome. I love the feel and sound of the auto shotgun. This shotgun will make you feel extremely bad-ass! Explosions and gun fire all sound as they should. What is really cool about the sound is you can hear the special zombies when you are near them. Each special zombie has a distinct noise they make so you can warn your teammates in advance. By far the creepiest zombie to approach is the Witch, she sounds like a crying child from further away and as you get closer very eerie music begins to play. Another nice touch is that the characters object quite loudly when they are the victims of friendly fire.


+ Graphics are well done

+ Music and sound effects set mood perfectly

+ Multiplayer encourages team work which is rewarding and extremely fun

+ Atmosphere really draws you into the game

+ Zombies!


- Single player is lonely

- Story is almost nonexistent

- Might become tiresome for people with the few maps and guns (until expansions start coming out)


The lack of a story hurts the game, but also is fitting because it is a zombie game trying to be similar to a zombie movie, and everyone knows how much story there is in those movies. The gameplay is addicting and is very enjoyable especially when everyone is working together. If you have the extra $40-50 to spend on this game and you are not too busy playing Gears of War 2, Fable 2, Fallout 3 or any of the other big titles this year then get this game! Or if you love killing thousands of zombies, you will not be disappointed. This game will have you saying, “Oh sh*t!” every time you play, I guarantee it.

Video Review: Left 4 Dead (PC)

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Here's the latest video review from GameUsagi, enjoy.

Game Usagi Meta News – Nov. 25th

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

November 18th-25th

Are you ready for the Game Usagi Meta News? Grab your stuffed animal and bunny slippers, its feeding time!

Nintendo DS

Nintendo has announced they are releasing two new DS bundles for Black Friday, this Friday November, 28th. One of the bundles comes with a red DS with a Mario "M" on the bottom right of the front and will come with Super Mario Bros. The other bundle has a ice blue DS that comes with Brain Age and a carrying case. Both bundles will be priced around $149.99. Hopefully this can tide you over until the new DSi comes out.



World of Warcraft

Lots of stuff has been going on with the World of Warcraft. With 11 million subscriptions and selling over 2.8 million copies of the new expansion within 24 hours, something out of the ordinary is bound to happen. So when not even two full days after release has passed and a person from Europe reaches the new level cap of 80, it’s not really that surprising. Apparently some people don’t know what moderation is, it was reported that a 15 year-old had been playing World of Warcraft for over 24 hours straight but was cut short because of a seizure, isn’t there an in-game tip about taking the game in moderation? Hmm, I wonder why.

Source 1

Source 2

Source 3


Tabula Rasa

Earlier this month Richard Garriot resigned from NCsoft after his return from space, leaving NCsoft to handle Tabula Rasa. Tablua Rasa had a very rough launch that never really pick up and was in development for almost a decade, so I take it everyone was saddened to find out Mr. Garriot was leaving the company. To make things even worse for NCsoft, Tabula Rasa will be shutting down in February 2009 because of its shaky start and low subscription numbers.



Halo 3: Recon

The new Halo 3: Recon has gone through a name change and will now be known as Halo 3: ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers). Though the title does not sound nearly as slick, this is not life changing news and I’m sure will have very little impact on anything to do with the game.






If you haven’t gotten a chance to play either Dead Space or Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, now is your chance. You can find the Dead Space demo on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Store and the C&C demo on Filefront. Both demos are available right now, so what are you waiting for! You can continue reading GameUsagi while you wait for the demos to finish!

Link to Command & Conquer demo

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PlayStation 3

Looks like PS3 owners won’t have to worry about not having trophies anymore. According to from January 2009 and on all new games will be required to have trophies. More positive news to those Sony fans out there, the amount of people on the PlayStation Network which includes both the PSP and the PS3 has caught up with Microsoft’s Xbox Live at 14 million people. It is interesting that both services are tied as the PlayStation online service is free, where as Xbox Live costs around $60 per year.

Source 1

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Assassin’s Creed’s fans will be happy to hear that when you purchase the upcoming Prince of Persia and register online with Ubisoft you will be able to download an Altair skin for free. This will be the second time we see Altair outside of Assassin's Creed as you can get a skin of him in Metal Gear Solid 4. Maybe in the next Assassin's Creed you will be able to play as the Prince and Snake, wouldn't that be something.

New DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV has been announced and given a released date of February 17th next year. This time around you won’t be playing as Niko; instead you will fill the shoes of a new character, Johnny Klebitz. Very little detail has been released about this expansion, though Dan Houser, the vice president of creative development for Rockstar Games says, “… I can say that the story will show you a different side of Liberty City.” What haven’t we seen yet in Liberty City? I hope it’s not little bears living on clouds that are able to shoot rainbows out of their chests, though the screenshots do lead me to believe it will not come to that.

Have you already finished exploring the land of Albion in Fable 2 and are wanting more? You are in luck, beginning December 12 you will be able to purchase a premium pack for 800 Microsoft points ($10) that will let you explore an entirely new island. If paying for DLC isn't your cup of tea, Microsoft is also releasing free content. "Free and premium downloaders will receive a show of gifts, including Knight’s Boots, Assassins Gloves, a special Weight Loss Potion, collectible silver book and more. Players will also be able to check their standing in over 50 new Leaderboards on" Over at it is said that both the premium and free DLC will be released on the same day.

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Good to know

You may not be addicted to video games! Apparently playing a game for 10 hours a day does not mean you have an addiction according to a report from the BBC. This article is extremely interesting as it talks about why people play games for extended periods of time and what people have done to get help.


The United States Army has been joining in on the gaming world.  Over the next 5 years the military will be spending $50 million for a “games for training” program. Of course they won’t be playing anything like Gears of War 2 because they are taking this very seriously. They have already been training with a first-person shooter game called, “DARWARS Ambush” and have distributed over 3,000 copies through the military says Lt. Col. Gary Stephens.


I wonder how good those marines really are at games. Do you think you have what it takes to beat them down in Halo or Call of Duty? For those of you that play World of Warcraft please take breaks to eat, sleep, and see the outside once in a while, you know, the things that humans are supposed to do. That’s all the news we have this week. There is always something happening in the gaming world so make sure to check back next week for another update!

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (PC)

Monday, November 24th, 2008
Developer: CDProjekt RED Publisher: Atari ESRB Rating: M (Mature) Players: 1 Genre: 3rd-person real-time RPG Hours played: A Ton The original Witcher game received many awards including RPG of the Year from IGN, PC Gamer, GameSpy, and GameSpot.  CDProjekt, hoping to further this great success, recently released an entirely updated version of the game with improvements covering essentially every aspect of the game.  80% faster load times, vastly improved graphics, new quests, and all-new dubbing in 8 different languages are just a few of the improvements that were put in to enhance the original award-winning game.  This is all quite impressive, but does the game fare well under the Usagi's metaphorical gaming microscope? Packaging The most impressive aspect of this game is actually not related to gameplay at all.  The packaging and extras that the game comes with are truly impressive.  In addition to the expected disc that contains the game, you receive a bonus disc containing two sizable side-quests, a behind-the-scenes DVD, a soundtrack CD (29 tracks), another CD with music "inspired by" the game (15 tracks), a 112-page game guide, a fancy map of the game world, and a very nice booklet with an excerpt from the book The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski that serves as a prequel to the action in the game, and the subject of the game's impressive opening cinematic.  The cover-art is evocative and simple, featuring the Witcher's emblem.  The sheer volume of extras that come in this regularly-priced PC game make it worth looking in to if you're interested in the game. Graphics I wouldn't want to play the original version of this game if these are the improved graphics.  I understand that the sheer scope of the game sort-of calls for simplified graphics, but even on 16x anisotropic filtering, the textures are pretty muddy.  My computer can play Crysis on Max with all kinds of AA and AF at 60 fps, but even with everything maxed-out, I was still have aliasing troubles with The Witcher Enhanced.  All this is not to say that the game looks horrid, but it's certainly not up to snuff compared to most of the other major games came out in the last 6 months or so.  Lip-syncing is also understandably bad considering the number of languages that have been packed into this game.  Some effects and the like are occasionally pretty, but for the most part, this game ends up looking more like Elder Scrolls III than Fallout 3. Sound Sound is pretty much what you'd expect.  A fairly epic soundtrack with your standard armour/weapon clanks and swishes.  The voice acting is good, and the characters are all given more personality by their constant communications.  The variety of quite well-designed creatures that you have to fight all make appropriate noises that suit their oddness.  Nothing much to complain about here. Story The game's story is quite good.  I think this is unfortunately probably due only to the superb quality of the material in The Last Wish.  This game mostly served to very much pique my interest in The Last Wish, which I plan to purchase in short order.  The game progresses across a good variety of imaginative areas and takes you on a sweeping journey through the fairly open world.  You'll certainly end up caring a good deal about Geralt and his awesomeness. Gameplay This is where the game did itself in for me.  I am a ridiculous fan of real-time RPGs.  I played Oblivion for more than 70 hours and am well on my way to doing that in Fallout 3.  Those games' longevity can be attributed to many things, but one of them is certainly a clever and customizable control interface.  The Witcher Enhanced does indeed offer some customization options for the controls, but I just couldn't get them to work as well or as quickly as I wanted them to.  The attacking system can best be described by comparing it to World of Warcraft, as opposed to faster 1:1 click-to-attack ratio games like Oblivion.  This aspect alone really took from my experience of the games, as I often found myself standing there taking attacks dumbly, clicking madly, trying to convince Geralt that he needs to attack more quickly.  This system is essentially "emulated real-time" in my opinion, as each click gets transferred into an attack turn of sorts to be executed in the rythym of the battle as opposed to when you want it to.  There are also several different stances that you can take with your weapons, very similar to the system in Heavenly Sword (which also annoyed me) that essentially increases the damage and frequency of your attacks when used against the appropriate enemy types.  Switching between these modes was slow and clumsy to the point of inhibiting gameplay a decent amount for me.  With this said, I also have to say that the fact that I generally stay away from World of Warcraft-style games probably only deepened my distaste for the control schemes available. Pros + Tons of extras + Solid storyline + Good voice acting Cons - Still dated graphics - Bad lip sync - Clumsy controls - A bit too slow for an action RPG If you don't have the internet and are aching to get a taste of the World of Warcraft experience, then this game is for you. If you're wondering what RPG to get for Christmas, there are games that certainly rank higher than The Witcher Enhanced on this Winter's "must buy" list. Either way, you should still check out The Last Wish book.  Overall:


Special Thanks to RocketXL for the review copy of this game

Usagi News! Nov. 15th

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

It's food time! It's also time for your weekly dose of cute cuddly gaming news which comes in the form of Usagi Meta News. The highlights this week are:

Halo 3 Recon

Halo 3 Recon has a shorter single player campaign and price tag. The campaign is said to be around three to five hours and the price tag should be under $60. The Recon armor which is pretty well exclusive to Bungie staff members and a few select others will now be available when you purchase Recon, so be ready for everyone to look like you once Recon hits shelves.


Gears of War 2

Gears 2 has sold an incredible two million worldwide on its opening weekend. Not only were Gears of War 2 sales incredibly high but also the amount of people who were logged into Xbox Live on Gears of War 2’s opening weekend, 1.5 million users to be a little more exact. Were you really that shocked?


Console and Game sales:

Though Gears of War will come close to the top in game sales this month, Fable 2 (360) took its piece of cake and ate it too with almost 800,000 sold in October.  Wii Fit was choking on dust in 2nd place at about 487,000 sales and Fallout 3 taking 3rd with 375,000.

Console wise, the Wii is the little bunny that could.  Wii sales have gone up just over 100,000 since September when it sold 687,000 units. Last month the PS3 sold 190,000 units, 360 with 371,000 units and PSP with 193,000 units, combined they could not overcome the tiny console; it appears size doesn’t matter.

Since we are on the topic of sales, Ubisoft’s Far Cry 2 has sold one million copies Worldwide over three weeks. Looks like Fallout 3 isn’t on everyone’s mind for open world gameplay.

Source: /

Blizzard’s new MMO:

World of Warcraft’s developer Blizzard has announced they are working on a “next generation” MMO. I’m curious to see if this means they could be working on an entirely new IP, because it sounds like they are moving away from producing another Warcraft title. Check out the interview between Blizzard COO Paul Sams and VG247 for the full story.


That’s it for this weeks gaming update! Come back next week for some oh so sweet information.

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