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No RX Flovent

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Developer: BioWare
Publisher: EA
Genre: RPG
Players: 1
Console: No RX Flovent, Xbox 360, PC
ESRB Rating: M (Mature)
Hours Played: 50
Progress: Completed main quest and all side quests on "Normal"

The first Mass Effect came out on Xbox 360 at the end of 2007, it was something different back then: a Sci-Fi RPG with an over-the-shoulder, 3rd-person perspective and gun-based combat. Now an iconic BioWare title, it was one of my favorite RPGs and with the sequel finally here, expectations are high. When we spoke with the QA Lead on the Mass Effect 2 team back in October at PAX '09 (Penny Aracde Expo) it was obvious the development team was passionate about correcting some of the shortcomings of the first game. This passion is apparent from the moment you fire up the game, almost everything has been improved over the previous title, Flovent mexico, already marking Mass Effect 2 as one of the best games of 2010, read on the find out why...

The player once again assumes control of Commander John Shepard (or your own custom-created character) who, after a catastrophic incident, finds himself in the employment of Cerberus, a faction gamers might remember as being an extremist, Flovent japan, pro-human movement from the first Mass Effect game. Cerberus, being lead by the enigmatic "Illusive Man", who is voiced by Martin Sheen, suspects the Reapers might be behind abductions of human colonies. It was the Reapers, a race of gigantic, mechanical-organic ships who almost destroyed the galaxy during the events of the first Mass Effect, No RX Flovent. In the sequel, the Reapers have employed the aid of a new and mysterious race known as the "Collectors" who utilize their advanced technology to kidnap humans for the Reapers' sinister purposes, 250mg Flovent. Set two years after the events of the first game, a lot has changed in the Mass Effect universe; many of the original team members have moved on and after the conclusion of the original Mass Effect, mankind has assumed a leadership role on the Citadel and Galactic Council. Shepard, being mistrusting of Cerberus' motives, Flovent us, reluctantly takes upon himself the task of assembling a new team to investigate the disappearances of human settlers.

As with most BioWare games, the writing of the dialogue is superb, choosing from the many different dialogue options possible during any given conversation, makes them blend into new responses seamlessly. We're introduced to interesting, original characters with new "loyalty missions", which reveal more about your team members' past, Flovent paypal. No RX Flovent, This time around less time is spent on explaining the origins of the different races that populate the Mass Effect universe and more time is given to the development of the individual characters. Most of the codex entries from the last game are included in the sequel to give background information to gamers who might have missed out on the first Mass Effect (shame on you, by the way).  You do end up being at a severe disadvantage if you've never played through the predecessor to this game, though. There are many references to the proceedings of the first game and if you started Mass Effect 2 with your save file from the original, the decisions you made there-in carry over to the new game. Flovent uk, I started Mass Effect 2 without using my original save file and it was interesting to see how references to decisions your characters would've made in the first Mass Effect didn't match up with what I had actually done. This can pertain to what you would've done in the ending sequence of the first game, or the type of relationships you had with members of the original team, for the most part these references are interwoven throughout the story in subtle ways.

The "loyalty missions" were my favorite part of the game, as they had widely different premises and objectives yet all revealed fascinating facts about your new team members. In contrast, the missions and story sequences pertaining to your main quest seemed less impressive, not that they were ill-written, it's just that there weren't that many of them and that your quest against the Collectors and their Reaper overseers seemed less "epic" in scale than the proceedings of the first game, No RX Flovent. In the first Mass Effect, you took on armies of Geth, Flovent usa, Krogan and even the mythic Reapers, all under the fearful eyes of the galaxy's central hub of political rule; the Citadel. This time around everything is more covert, the rest of the galaxy is not aware of your operations or ultimate goal, as such your quest feels less important and doesn't have the same sense of "grandeur" as what we experienced in Mass Effect 2's predecessor. Flovent coupon, Since not much is explained in-game about what happened in the first Mass Effect (though you can catch up on BioWare's website), players who are new to the franchise will miss out in quite a big way on Mass Effect's story, universe and characters, severely reducing the experience. Having said that, the writing is top notch, and with a bigger focus on character development you'll feel more attached to your team members.  The developers were clearly not afraid of tackling more mature subjects in Mass Effect 2 and as such the dialogue and related proceedings feel more like a M-rated movie and less like a video game, Flovent ebay. No RX Flovent, It's a mystery to me why infantile games (story-wise anyway) like BloodRayne, Doom and Resident Evil warrant movie adaptations while titles with high-quality writing and a fascinating universe, like Mass Effect, don't get one.

It's impossible to appreciate Mass Effect 2's superb graphics without first seeing how much they improved over the first game. The original Mass Effect had a great neon-futuristic art style with slick, streamlined environments, hampered by a stuttering frame rate and texture pop-in though, it wasn't perfect. This 2nd time around the more obvious aforementioned issues have been addressed more than adequately, 1000mg Flovent, texture pop-in, especially during cut scenes has been remedied and the frame rate is much more consistent, although it can still struggle when there are a lot of enemies onscreen alongside special effects. The developers went much further however, this is especially apparent in the facial textures of the main characters, during cut scenes you'll be amazed at the level of detail and realism, you'd swear you were watching real-life characters, 150mg Flovent. Everything from dimples to freckles are faithfully modeled on your team members' faces making them look better than ever.  [Ed. note:  When a character cries all of the graphical advancements come crashing down.  The texture around their eyes just essentially becomes more shiny, perhaps the worst crying animations I have seen this generation.]

The more detailed textures reach beyond just the character models to all aspects of the environments as well, No RX Flovent. Walls and floors seem less bleak while vegetation and organic models look more life-like. Many of the environments from the first game were a bit basic, with empty rooms and hallways, which lacked interior detail. 40mg Flovent, This was especially true for explorable planets that weren't part of the main story, often populated with a single building, which had an interior that was repeated in other buildings throughout the game, and nothing in the outside environment that was worth mentioning; many of these experiences were quite boring. In the sequel we're treated with much more variety in the places we visit, they all possess a distinct look and often widely different objectives that make each experience uniquely different. No RX Flovent, It's this combination of more detailed textures, varied environments and more interesting locales that make Mass Effect 2 look better in every single way over its prequel, which is one amazing feat.

Sometimes we're painfully reminded we're playing a video game, the visuals remind us this isn't real, the gameplay entrenches us in cliches and the sounds are nothing like what we experience in a movie. Mass Effect 2 has none of these nasty habits and nowhere is this more apparent than in the voice acting.  The dialogue between the main characters is top notch in both writing and performance and spans thousands of spoken lines, 500mg Flovent. This same level of quality is carried over to background conversations conducted by NPCs as you make your way through the different cities and environments in the game. These conversations are often very interesting and reveal much about the Mass Effect universe, those who pay attention are sometimes rewarded with some tongue-in-cheek exchanges like the conversation between a desperate Turian male and a shallow Quarian female where the Quarian complains about failed ex-boyfriends while the Turian feigns sympathy, all the while trying to string her for himself.

The music is stunning, a cinematic score accompanies major story elements while intricate combat music never seems to sound the same twice. 20mg Flovent, A tinge of techno music adds to the futuristic setting of the game and keeps the music sounding fresh. Sound effects are great, varied and well integrated into the game's surround sound. The many weapons in the game all have their own unique sound and enemies will shout commands and threats during combat, your ship brims with the chatter of its high-tech equipment while the hum of the engines fills its engine room, it's a great achievement that really adds to the level of immersion.

The controls in Mass Effect 2 are similar to its predecessor with a few tweaks and improvements, No RX Flovent. Playing center stage are the "power wheel" (activated by pressing the right bumper) and the "weapon wheel" (used by pressing left bumper button). Activating either pauses the action, allowing you time to plan your next move by either selecting the appropriate weapon from an increased arsenal or by using and combining your squad powers for devastating effects. The power wheel shows the available tech, biotic and other powers available to all three of your squad members and allows you to select which enemy you'll hit with which power.  This time around there is a bigger focus on combining specific powers for increased destruction.

The D-pad allows you to give your squad a limited set of orders, pressing up orders both squad members to attack, Flovent india, down rallies your squad to your position and left or right orders squad members to move to point or attack a selected target. The left trigger enables weapon zoom while the right trigger button fires your weapon.  Holding "A" makes you sprint, while tapping that same button near cover lets your character take cover behind objects and walls. No RX Flovent, The cover mechanic is a bit more responsive this time, when pressing forward on the left thumbstick and pressing "A" you climb or vault over cover and can reposition yourself elsewhere. While sprinting towards cover your character will automatically slide behind it when in range, making it easier to both find cover and release your character from it. 200mg Flovent, Pressing "B" enables a melee attack, while tapping "X" makes you reload, holding that same button allows you to go back to your previous weapon.  "Y" utilizes your class specific ability. A nice new touch is being able to click the right- or left-thumbstick, which brings up a compass pointing you to your next objective. Altogether the controls have received some nice additions that allow more flexibility in targeting enemies and commanding your squad, utilizing cover is now also easier greatly enhancing the game's combat experience.

RPGs are often defined by their combat system, Flovent overseas, Mass Effect 2 is rather unique in that it plays much like a squad-based 3rd-person shooter, but with all the special abilities and customization options expected from a RPG. We now have more weapon-types at our disposal, including heavy weapons, which range from missile launchers to a gun that fires small nukes.  In the first game there was no need to collect ammo, weapon usage was regulated through overheating.  On the one hand this was convenient as you wouldn't have to scavenge for ammo, however it became annoying in a frantic firefight where squeezing the trigger was a necessity, No RX Flovent. The sequel tweaks things a bit and still presents overheating as a problem, but addresses it through the need to collect thermal clips.  If a weapon threatens to overheat, a thermal clip is ejected and a new one is inserted so firing can be continued. 30mg Flovent, Thermal clips are universal (only heavy weapons don't use them and require ammo) and work on all weapons, but can run out and have to be collected throughout your missions much like classic shooter ammo.  [Ed. note:  Incidentally, the gun collecting from the first Mass Effect has been largely replaced by developing/purchasing upgrades for gun classes.  You'll probably go through the game with less than 3 distinct weapons in most of the weapon classes.]

Combat is more intense this time around, you'll be facing far more enemies and fire-fights.  With a more responsive cover system plus more weapons and abilities, the fighting is incredibly enjoyable. Enemy AI isn't fantastic until you increase the difficulty to "hard" or "insanity" (which is unlocked after completing the game) at which point having a proper strategy is vital.  In higher difficulty levels the player will be forced to move around the combat area, Flovent craiglist, effectively utilizing cover while utilizing a good balance of special abilities. No RX Flovent, More enemies will have shields and armor, will flank you, use the environment more effectively and become more aggressive; it really makes you feel like your enemies are unlocking their full potential.  Krogans (Mass Effect's biggest and strongest warriors) for instance, will storm at you, soaking up huge amount of fire as they cut through your team in a manner unique to their species. Your own team members aren't too helpful and serve as nothing but cannon fodder on higher difficulties, granted they will use their abilities consistently, but can often get in the way of both the player and incoming fire. Using the power wheel to combine their abilities with your own is the best way to make use of your team members as they'll often have biotic and tech abilities that compliment your own.

[Ed. 100mg Flovent, note: Also improved is the general interactions that Shepard has with his/her surroundings.  If you are facing in the general direction of something that can be interacted with an alert of sorts appears at the top of the screen informing you that an interaction can be made.  Blue neon brackets also surround objects that can be interacted with.  With these features tweaked from the first Mass Effect and coupled together, getting around on foot and interacting with everything possible is a much more simple task.  These features were greatly appreciated by myself on several occasions.]

The karma system from the last game makes a return and influences the relationships you'll have with your squad as well as the way the story proceeds. Some dialogue choices make you more of a renegade (evil) and some make you more of a paragon (good).  By increasing your karma gauge enough on either side, you'll be able to intimidate or charm your way through most conversations. A new gameplay feature is the quick-event prompts that show up during dialogues and cut-scenes.  If it's a prompt to press the left trigger your character will perform a paragon action and if it's the right trigger it's a renegade action.  You can always just ignore these prompts if they don't align well with your desired moral direction and make the cut scenes a bit more involving, if you so choose.

Numerous small gameplay tweaks have been made, some of the more appreciated ones make life a lot easier for the gamer, take for instance the inclusion of mission objectives underneath system names on the galaxy map, or the names of team members and the floors they're on in your ship, making game navigation far smoother, No RX Flovent. The convoluted weapon stores from the first game are gone, in Mass Effect 2 the offering of weapons is streamlined and instead of buying them you find or unlock them as you go through the game. Vendors instead offer a wide variety of upgrades which affect weapon performance, main character stats, 750mg Flovent, squad member abilities and ship performance.  You now investigate planets from orbit to mine for resources, which are used in the upgrade process.  This resource harvesting is more involving than in the first game and requires you to manually scan areas of the planet to find resources. A missed opportunity, though, is the absence of ship-to-ship combat, Flovent australia, with all the upgrades you'll be acquiring for the Normandy (the ship and base of operations for your team) and all the references made to pirates, mercenaries and Geth in the descriptions of explored planets, I was constantly expecting to be attacked by enemy ships lying in wait perhaps just beyond the next asteroid. It's been done in the past, even in RPGs (think Skies of Arcadia for instance) and although your ship is supposed to have a type of "stealth" mode, it feels like an addition the game was screaming for.

Not only did BioWare manage to increase the visuals of Mass Effect 2, but there is also more content in the form of missions and systems to explore.  As such, Flovent canada, it should take the average gamer about 40 hours to finish the main quest and 50 hours to see almost everything. Exploration is encouraged right from the get-go, you'll be pointed in a direction but it's really up to you where you go and what you do.  Exploration is often rewarded with new resources and planets that can be landed on.  I can't help but be extremely impressed with the extent the developers went to in improving on the previous title.  The graphics were an obvious focus for improvements, but they made a bigger leap than expected.  All of the small tweaks that just make it easier to explore and mitigated the frustrations felt in the first Mass Effect may not be as easily recognized, but have a massive affect on all aspects of gameplay. This is by no means a lazy sequel and a testament to the care BioWare takes in crafting its franchises.

No RX Flovent, It's nice to see that right from the day of release, BioWare reached out to gamers by making free DLC available.  This included a new character with an accompanying loyalty mission, as well as a short new quest made specifically for people who played through the first Mass Effect.  This was further expanded on with the addition of new armour and weapons soon after and promises the gamer new content for a long time to come. 50mg Flovent, The player will need a "Cerberus Network" activation key, found with any store-bought copy of the game in order to download new content, which is a clever way to limit the experience of people who illegally downloaded the game or buy it used.  [Ed. note: Many people across both platforms, myself included, are still having technical issues with the Cerberus Network.  (I, for example, 10mg Flovent, was able to download the first two DLC elements, but still cannot download the Cerberus armour/weapon pack).  Bioware claims to be hard at work to fix this, but these problems are getting annoying.  So, just watch out for this when you activate the Cerberus Network.]

Mass Effect 2 improves over its predecessor in almost every single way. The visuals are superb, the voice acting is top-notch and the writing is mature and deep. The action has been ramped up so that more casual gamers who aren't fans of the pacing of RPGs can still enjoy the experience, as such this game is a must-buy for any Xbox 360 owner or PC gamer: play it, love it, buy it flowers once in a while... and do it all again once you complete the story.


+ Fantastic writing that isn't afraid to tackle mature and controversial subjects

+ Natural progression from the story in the first game with some good twists

- Gamers who missed out on the first Mass Effect will be at a severe disadvantage when it comes to feeling at home with the characters and universe


+ Superbly detailed textures, especially on the faces of the main characters

+ Much more detailed environments and more interesting locales

+ Frame rate and texture pop-in issues from the first game have been adequately addressed


+ Fantastic voice acting for both main characters and background chatter

+ A more epic and diverse score

+ Sound effects that rival the very best of Hollywood


+ Weapon and Power Wheels work well (much better than the Dragon Age equivalents)

- Getting knocked back from cover and trying to duck back in during combat can be finicky


+ Numerous annoyances from the first game have been cleaned up

+ Loyalty missions are a highlight of the experience

+ Action is more frequent and intense thanks to a good cover system and better targeting ability

- No ship-to-ship combat is a bit of a miss

Usagi Factor:

+ A huge amount of content spread over 2 discs, very little of it is repeated from the first game

+ Mass Effect 2 feels like it got a ton of TLC when considering all of the improvements it received

+ You can continue exploring after you finish the main quest

- It'd be nice if we could earn all the available achievements on the first play-through


Editor's Choice

Rated 9.5


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No RX Accutane

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Developer: PlatinumGames
Publisher: SEGA
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Console: No RX Accutane, Xbox 360, PS3
ESRB Rating: M (Mature)
Hours Played: 18
Progress: Finished the game on "Normal"

Hideki Kamiya, director of Bayonetta and the man behind revered action titles such as the original Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe, brings us one of  most stylish and action-packed games of this console generation. Bearing elements of titles such as Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden, Bayonetta brings us a heroine whose sex appeal, moves and skills have not been seen since Lara Croft arrived on the scene in 1996. Accutane australia, First launched in Japan at the end of last year, Bayonetta was heralded to the tune of rave reviews and much hype, now having hit US and European shores the question is whether the game is really that good, read on to find out...

Anyone who's played their fair share of JRPGs (Japanese Role Playing Games) knows that Japanese developed games can have... convoluted stories and Bayonetta sadly continues that trend, Accutane india. Without giving too much away, you take control of the titular Bayonetta, you have awoken from a slumber that lasted many years and seem to be the last of the order of Umbra Witches who represented the dark side of the age old balance between Light and Dark, 20mg Accutane, the former being represented by the Luman Sages.  A great conflict between these two orders seemingly eradicated all the witches and sages and now, with most of her memory gone, Bayonetta supported by the demons from Inferno (Bayonetta's version of hell) must fend off the forces of Calypso (Bayonetta's version of heaven) while she tries to rediscover her role and ultimate purpose. The biggest problem with Bayonetta's writing is that the player is intentionally kept in the dark about the role the game's heroine and supporting cast play, while the history of what has happened in this universe is never fully explained.., No RX Accutane. until the very end. This is a common mistake, Accutane japan, where writers believe that not unveiling vital plot elements until the end of their tale creates suspense; in actuality, it makes it harder for gamers to follow the game's proceedings and makes them tune out long before the story reaches its conclusion. I must admit that we are granted more cut-scenes and story clips than commonly found in action games like this, Accutane uk, which with the fantastic animation and stupendous grace of the game's heroine, keeps the player entertained, but the frustration of never quite knowing what's going on story-wise is still ever-present.

From the first moment you start up Bayonetta you'll be dazzled with fantastical locales and bright colors. Set in an alternate, slightly steampunk-ish version of Europe the player will be taken to otherworldly realms filled with crazy physics and angelic beings, 150mg Accutane. No RX Accutane, Architectural models are nicely detailed and diverse, no two stages look significantly alike and vary from the occasional dungeon or other indoor locale to the more common outdoor stages, which can range from ancient cities to heavenly gardens. This makes the game feel less cramped than the Devil May Cry franchise, for instance, and more interesting to look at. 40mg Accutane, Significant praise has to go to the level of animation, especially on Bayonetta herself.  The range of moves and fluidity of transitions is breathtaking, you can see the developers really embraced this as they take any opportunity available to have our heroine pull off seductive dance moves in between carving up Calypso's minions. The character design is top notch, Bayonetta herself looks amazing (the best digital tush you'll ever see) and is equal parts seduction and sophistication (okay, Accutane mexico, maybe a tad more seduction), however the creativity in designing the creatures from Calypso is equally impressive.  Base-level minions are loosely based on angels, while the boss characters are unlike anything you've ever seen. Accutane canada, Often massive in scale they combine heavenly elements with perverse characteristics such as massive claws or long tentacles to form imposing figures that often require different approaches to defeat. [Ed, No RX Accutane. note: These enemies often seem more mighty and majestic than horrible and decrepit like most of modern video games' enemies.  It is a refreshing change in art direction and gives an unexpected slant on gameplay making one realize that Bayonetta is more of an anti-hero than people originally expect.]  Colorful, detailed and well animated, the visuals in Bayonetta are excellent, it is however important to note that the PS3 version, Accutane paypal, which came out February 5th, suffers from excessive slowdown and frequent loading times. Our review is based on the Xbox 360 version, 750mg Accutane,  which plays very fluidly, does not suffer from slow down or significant loading times, we'd obviously recommend you investigate the 360 version over the PS3 one if you own both consoles as part of Bayonetta's appeal is its fast, fluid combat.

Bayonetta sports an energetic soundtrack, which combines church-like organ music with J-pop.  The songs are mostly upbeat, 30mg Accutane, but can be menacing at times.  Bayonetta's music keeps pace with the frenetic action very well. The voice acting is quite good, especially considering the fact that this is a Japanese-developed game (which often suffer from poor English voice-overs).  The voice-work of Bayonetta herself is especially well done, Accutane overseas, her aloof British accent compliments our heroine's graceful physique very well and adds to the superior character design. Voice-overs for the supporting cast can be a bit spotty, but we have to compliment the developers for creating an "angelic" language, seemingly from scratch. No RX Accutane, Often when Bayonetta encounters a boss character, who hail from Calypso's upper echelon of enforcers, dialogue ensues and is done in Calypso's native tongue (don't ask me what it's called) by the baddies, this language sounds impressive, nuanced and pretty darn believable.  All things considered the angelic language is a pretty nice touch.

At a glance the controls in Bayonetta seem pretty routine: left thumstick moves your character around, right thumbstick moves the camera (clicking it centres the camera), Y to punch, B to kick, A to jump, X to fire guns, the D-pad allows you to toggle between weapon sets (a combination of guns and a melee weapon), the left bumper button allows you to taunt enemies, while the right bumper button locks onto targets. It's here where some of Bayonetta's issues become apparent; being able to lock on to enemies is a very useful option, 250mg Accutane, as you'll often be surrounded by many of them, some of which have sizable health gauges, the last thing you want to do is flail your weapons around randomly instead of dispatching enemies in turn. Accutane ebay, Unfortunately, the game requires you to hold the right bumper button down to stay locked-on to an enemy, this is extremely impractical, especially when you consider that the dodge button is the right trigger behind it.  Considering that dodging is vital to survival, as it activates "Witch Time" (this slows down time and is sometimes the only way to take care of enemies), 100mg Accutane, you would think that the button proximity would have been better thought out.  You end up trying to keep the right bumper button pressed with your index finger and hammer the right trigger button at the same time with your middle finger, which is extremely awkward and uncomfortable.  It makes kissing your hairy aunt's lip seem like a walk in the park. Due to this ineffective control scheme (they should have made a simple press of the right bumper keep you locked on to the nearest target and allow you to toggle between targets by pressing left or right on the D-Pad) I basically forsook locking on altogether and instead rushed the opponent of choice to close in and ensure that my attacks would mostly only strike it.

Then there's the camera... Accutane coupon, ah yes, the camera... an acrimonious beast at best, it never stays in one place very long and constantly gets caught behind scenery or inside walls, it can also spin and turn at dizzying speeds, leaving you more disoriented than Paris Hilton in a library, No RX Accutane. Clicking the right thumbstick centres the camera behind your character which is handy, however because of the furious combat it has a hard time keeping up with Bayonetta and in cramped surroundings (fortunately there aren't that many of them in the game) you'll often lose your view of the enemies, more than once this messed up my combo count or occasionally caused a frustrating death, 10mg Accutane. You'll learn to manage though, it just means that you'll have to work the right thumbstick a bit more to keep the camera in check.

Bayonetta is a 3rd-person action game where the player uses a combination of melee weapons (swords, claws etc.) or fists alongside pistols (think Devil May Cry), 200mg Accutane, which our creative heroine not only carries in her hands, but also has strapped to her boots.  Gameplay centers around building up large combos, which prevent enemies from retaliating. By combining the punch and kick buttons (and sometimes the fire button) into different sequences, a dizzying list of different moves can be pulled off, 50mg Accutane. During early level loading screens a list of different moves shows up on the right side of the screen, allowing the player to practice Bayonetta's imposing arsenal of moves.  Because this mostly involves only the Y and B button, pulling off special moves tends to be a button-mashing affair, 1000mg Accutane, it's hard to remember the button presses for the many attack combinations and players will eventually resort to using just a handful of their favorite moves. No RX Accutane, The trick is to employ the right type of move at the correct time so that you can keep your combo count going, the best way to do this is by using your pistols to continue a combo after pulling off a special move has separated you from your enemy. The second aspect to the combat is evading attacks (by using the right trigger), by dodging an attack just before it lands "Witch Time" is employed, which slows down everything around you and allows the player to exploit the enemy's weaknesses, mastering this technique is critical in order to progress through the game.

Combat is fast, Accutane us, fluid and responsive, there is a wide assortment of enemies and not just your mindless grunts mind you, Bayonetta throws many mini-bosses and massive end-of-level bosses at you, Accutane craiglist, the latter usually necessitating a multi-step process to defeat. Splattered throughout the game are agility sequences that require Bayonetta to run, jump, turn into a panther or even ride a motorcycle. These are a bit more hit or miss than the excellent combat, Accutane usa, however when they work, they can be extremely intense and add to the furious pace the game keeps pushing on you. As mentioned in the "Controls" section of this review, 500mg Accutane, the twitchy camera and annoying lock-on system get in the way of total enjoyment however they don't cripple the experience by any means. By avoiding damage, pulling off long combos and completing levels quickly halos are earned, these work as a type of currency that can be spent at "The Gates of Hell" a bar and weapon shop run by demon-smith Rodin, No RX Accutane. There more special moves, weapons, power ups and accessories can be bought to strengthen your arsenal.  This level of customization keeps things fresh and entices the player to play at their best.

There's a lot of content in Bayonetta; there are approximately 15 levels, most of which are quite large, the entire experience should take about 12 to 15 hours on normal.  There are hidden items and treasures scattered throughout the levels as well as hidden portals that take you to "Elfheim", where different challenges await that reward you with health and magic boosts, and provides incentive to replay the levels.  What's also a nice touch is that after finishing the main quest, you can replay the game with your stats and abilities intact at the higher difficulty, which allows you to purchase skills and accessories you didn't have the chance (read: halos) to buy before.

Another fun element of this title is the way it plays with Bayonetta's ability to defy physics, a great example of this is one of the boss fights where, when the  massive boss drops his tongue (best not to ask, really), our heroine jumps on top and runs along it, circling around the edges as the world spins upside down around you. Another is during one of the later levels where you're standing on a large piece of rock that got separated from the main area of the level by a large enemy, as it is blasted loose it starts spinning on its axis, you then need to jump to another platform, lining up your jump as the world seems to spin around you (of course it's actually you doing the spinning). It's great to see that PlatinumGames has taken some chances with the level and game design, because at its core this is a game formula we've already seen.

Bayonetta is a fast, slick and intense action game that introduces us to a great new heroine and fascinating game world. A twitchy camera and poor lock-on system hamper the game experience a bit, however fans of action games, especially titles such as Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry, are encouraged to check this game out.


+ Great character design

+ Plentiful cut-scenes

- Hard to follow story that doesn't become clear until the end


+ Great environmental detail and use of colors

+ Fantastic character animation and design

- PS3 version suffers from slowdown and excessive loading times


+ Energetic music

+ Good voice acting for the main character

- Some of the lines and voice work for the supporting cast can be painful


+ Easy to pull off special moves and combos

- Placement of target lock-on button (right bumper button) and need to keep it pressed is awful


+ Fast, fluid and fun weapon-based combat

+ Interesting level design

- Twitchy camera can obstruct view at times

Usagi Factor:

+ Good number of levels with solid game length

+ Lots of hidden items and artifacts to collect

- Platforming sections are not nearly as much fun as the combat


Rated 8.6


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Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Developer: Amanita Design
Publisher: Amanita Design
Genre: Point & Click Adventure
Players: 1
Console: PC/Mac
ESRB Rating: Where Can I Buy Clonidine, Not classified (E10+ by my estimate, there are some tough puzzles)
Hours Played: 5-6
Progress: Completed the game on PC and Mac

Machinarium, with its originally limited release (it's now available through Steam in addition to from the company's website), didn't get much of the press and hype that it very much deserved.  Point and click adventure games as a whole tend to be rather niche these days as the market trends toward explosions, shooters, and general real-time action games.  While I am not against such a trend at all, it does have the side-effect that gaming gems in unpopular genres tend to fall through the cracks and get missed by the majority of the gaming populous.  Machinarium is a game that you shouldn't just skip over and here's why:

At the beginning of the game, you're dumped unceremoniously into a scrap pile (you play as a little robot dude that is moderately cute, the furthest left robot in the screen above) with little or no introduction.  The story then slowly builds itself through traditionally animated sketch-like cut-scenes presented in thought bubbles that appear above the protagonist and simply navigating the surreal world around you.  I don't want to give too much of the story away, partially because it will remove some of the mystique of playing the game for you, and partially because it is fairly hard to explain in plain words.  The over-arching premise of the game is to stop some bully/gangster robots from blowing up the main tower in the city whilst saving your girlfriend robot of sorts.  There is no voice-acting or text in the game at all.  Everything you learn is through symbols and robotic squeaks and clanks.  This makes the game transcend language (incidentally Amanita Design is in the Czech Republic) and helps the story's already universal appeal.

The graphics of Machinarium are unparalleled in the gaming world, except perhaps if you consider Amanita's other games like Samorost.  Everything everywhere is essentially hand-drawn and seamlessly blended and animated within the game's world.  In almost every scene there are things happening in the foreground, close to the metaphorical "camera", and far away in the background.  Adding additional parallax-like planes to the game's world even furthers one's immersion in the game and brings the corroded.  In many ways the metal-dominated, corroded, and mechanical Steampunk world in Machinarium is more alive than most organic worlds of any type in any other gaming genre.  Each NPC that you meet is quite unique and has character that perhaps couldn't even have been properly established using words.  The levels of beauty, immersion, and complexity achieved through characters that are not technically alive or communicate in intelligible ways is also unprecedented in the gaming universe.  It's just simply amazing that a game that costs $20 can have such unique and impressive art direction.  Remember to click the image at the beginning of this review to enlarge it and see the fantastic graphics in a more appropriate way.

A game can be as visually stunning as it wants, but without appropriate sounds, the experience would be entirely sullied for the majority of gamers.  Luckily, Amanita did a fantastic job on the sound in Machinarium.  The best aspect of the sound in Machinarium is probably the ambient noises featured throughout.  While the foreground and background are lively and animated, these animations are coupled with appropriate noises that draw your attention to them at first, and then become as much a part of your adventure as ambient noises are in one's everyday life.  There are many clanks and creaks emanating from all around your character, all appropriate and plausible, throughout the game.  Everything sounds either as you would image or even better or more unique then you'd expect.  The music is ethereal and entrancing, always appropriate and able to blend harmoniously with the rest of the game's impressive world.  The best music in a game sets the tone so well that it is hardly noticed, and that is just the case for the music in Machinarium.

Controls are pretty standard for point-and-click adventure games.  You click where you want your character to go and he goes there.  One thing slightly different from other point-and-click games I have played is that you can only click on environmental objects to interact with them if your character is near them.  This differs even from Amanita's other mini adventure games.  It adds to your immersion, though, as it is more plausible that one can only interact with one's immediate surroundings.  You have an inventory "shelf", so to speak, just like in most other point-and-click adventure games.  This functions in precisely the same way as one would expect, you drag items in and out of it to use them on objects in the main robot's environment.  The items are said to be kept within the robots stomach as he swallows anything added to the inventory.  Other than standard pointing and clicking, though, there is not much to note about this game's control scheme.

Through the combination of spectacular audio and visuals, the gameplay is pretty much always a pleasure in Machinarium.  This game is not just media-candy, though, the puzzles in this game range from pleasantly surprising to mind-breakingly difficult.  Aside from the classic point-and-click fare, there are several minigames throughout the game proper that could all have been expanded into successful games in their own right.  Most of them involve some degree of logic and can be just as challenging, if not more so, than the rest of the game.  The best feature of the game actually comes from the harmonizing of a hint-system with one of these minigames.  The minigame is one where you move either up and down to avoid running into walls while shooting spiders out of your way.  The game is presented in a classic LCD black/green style and can be most likened to a simplified version of Gradius.  Upon completing a medium-sized level, the book upon the cover of which this game takes place opens up and shows you a complete storyboard, still without words, illustrating quite prettily everything that is achievable in the current view of the world.  If you forget something or need to look at the book again, though, you need to complete a slightly different level of the Gradius-like game again for the book to re-open.  The only thing that slowed my gameplay slightly, aside from the sometimes mind-numbing puzzles, was the "move somewhere, then interact with things in your immediate vicinity" method of movement mentioned above.  Once you're used to it, it ceases to present much of a problem, but I've been well-trained to just click on things and expect the characters to make their own ways over to the objects by most of Telltale Games' games.  Overall, gameplay is a treat and is just as strong of a factor in this game's brilliance as the audial and visual elements.

Once you finish your 5-6 hours of gameplay (fewer hours if you're better at the puzzles than I was), you're pretty much done with the game.  Some point and click adventure games allow you to go back after you've completed the main story of the game and find all of the little nuances that you might have missed, but Machinarium pretty much doesn't.  I think that this was actually a wise decision, though, as it makes the game an experience that must be taken as a whole and avoids cheapening the heavy ambiance by trivializing the story and letting you bum about after you've done what you set out to do.  Unless you want to play it over and see if you've missed anything cool, there isn't much continued value in the game once you've finished the main story.  Additional play-throughs, though, are not a bad thing, as you'll likely forget the solutions to some of the puzzles and be able to experience some of the your original frustration over again.  That's certainly what happened to me.

The versions available on PC and Mac are identical.  Machinarium is Flash-based, so it's portable within that specific environment and thus precisely the same across the board.  If you've ever enjoyed a point and click adventure game, or are even new to the genre, Machinarium is a great choice for everyone.  With its story that transcends race and language, and its impressive unparalleled audio and visual elements, this game is a treat for gamers of all ages, as long as you play with someone who is either good at Gradius or solving puzzles.


+ Original story-telling methodology (no words)

+ Universally understandable and applicable story

+ Good character development in spite of their mute nature

- Story is not terribly complex or sweeping


+ Astounding graphics for every element of the game (hand-drawn eroded steampunk)

+ Graphics are scalable as they are drawn in the Flash environment


+ Very apt sounds for the entire game world

+ Sounds often develop characters better than words could

+ Immersive sounds make the game's world come to life in spite of its domination my machines

- Creaking and clanking can get annoying if you get stuck in a certain part of the game for too long


+ Standard point and click adventure fare, tried and true

- Main character is not smart enough to walk over to something if you click it


+ Puzzles that range from super easy to "strangle a kitten" difficult

+ Minigames mesh nicely with the game's world and are both fun and challenging

+ Great method for presentation of hints during gameplay

- Game is pretty short overall

Usagi Factor:

+ Multiple play-throughs are equally enjoyable as the first one

+ Game is meant to be played as a whole to keep the story and gameplay unsullied

- Nothing explicitly new presented on multiple play-throughs


Rated 9.5

Golden Usagi Award

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