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Sony NGP Gameplay Montage [update]

Friday, January 28th, 2011

[cp_youtube id=”C1EaDXJoqAE” points=”20″ width=”525″]

[update: Replaced cam footage with direct-feed version of the trailer]

Here’s an NGP video that you can watch in up to 720p from Sony’s press conference held recently to announce their new portable system coming out this holiday season. This is the best way available right now to see some of the graphical capabilities of the NGP. We’ll let you know when screenshots start to be released. Enjoy.


Sony’s Next Generation Portable Details

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Sony had their conference launch conference for their upcoming handheld that will battle Nintendo’s 3DS in the dead of the North American night last night, so here are the details on both the PSP2 (now officially known under its working name “Next Generation Portable”/NGP) and a new service called “Playstation Suite”:

  • Playstation Suite allows devs to port PS1 games to Android-based smartphones

The NGP:

  • Will be able to play content made in Playstation Suite
  • Will be able to play downloadable PSP games from the current generation
  • Has built-in wireless N, 3G, and GPS network capabilities
  • Will no longer use UMDs, now using flash-based SD card-like cartridges that will hold the game, its save file, and any DLC that comes out for the game (see picture of cartridge in gallery at the bottom of the page)
  • Will be out this Christmas season in Japan (and possibly worldwide).

Find out all about the NGP’s specs, features, and announced games after the jump…


Site Update: Widescreen

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

It’s been almost a decade since the widespread adoption of widescreen-format monitors and TVs.  The original theme that Game Usagi was built around in 2007 was still catering to the dying crowd of standard definition monitor owners.  Lately this has led to most people viewing Game Usagi having 1/3 of their screen filled with content and the rest with an endless sea of grey.  Now friends, feast your eyes upon an extra 100 pixels of horizontal goodness and a top banner that is only 2/3 of its recent very large size.  Trimmed down and expanded where it matters, Game Usagi is now a sleeker beast ready to give you images that aren’t squished on the front page and more page options in the navigation bar at the bottom of the site.  Enjoy.


Anime Movie Guide Update

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

The movies Summer Wars (from Mamoru Hosoda) and Evangelion 2.0 (from Gainax, pictured above) were both recently added to our Anime Movie Guide.  So go ahead, check them out and see what you’ve been missing in the wonderful world of anime.

Jan. 19th 3DS Conference Details [update]

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

[update: added links to videos from the conferences and Europe details]

Well, Nintendo had their launch conferences in the US and Europe today and here is the new info that we received from them:

  • Launch Colours: Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black
  • Sticking with name “Analog Circle Pad” for the control nub
  • Home button allows internet surfing and other 3DS usage even while playing a game (see feature walk-through video here)
  • Notification light:
    Green – Street Pass
    Orange – Friends Online
    Red – Power low
    Blue – Spot Pass
  • Mii Plaza tells you what country Miis are from and the last StreetPass game played by that person
  • Friend codes are back, one per system (no individual game codes), and are auto-registered when you play with someone via local wireless
  • Madden Football 3D, LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, Driver Renegade and Sonic 3DS announced (short video clip of some new and old games can be seen here and a trailer for the new Madden can be seen here)
  • Super Street Fighter IV 3D will have regular online matchmaking without need for friend codes from strangers
  • 30 3DS games will be out in North America before E3 this year
  • Pedometer app on 3DS counts steps and awards Play Coins to spend on bonus game content of some kind
  • Better-than-DSi web browser
  • 3D Video player app
  • Sound player from DSi will return on the 3DS
  • Spot Pass (auto-connection to WiFi hotspots as you go through them) can be turned off.  When it’s on, you can get content from all games ever played on the system without them having to be currently inserted or active.
  • Better online store (“Nintendo eShop”) with full-screen screenshots and easier browsing
  • $249.99 launch price in North America – launches on March 27th.
  • No set price in Europe – launches on March 25th
  • No launch games or game prices noted for North America.  :/

WR: Infinity Blade (iPhone/iTouch)

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Developer: Chair Entertainment
Publisher: Epic Games
Genre: Action RPG
Players: 1
Price: $5.99
Hours Played: 10
Progress: Defeated the god-king and completed 8 bloodlines

We all love having that game that totally shows off the graphical prowess of your system, the one that epitomizes what next-gen gaming is all about. It is rare however to associate any such games with a platform like the iPhone, but Apple’s ubiquitous phone is no longer a fledgling gaming device and no stronger example exists than Epic Games’ new title Infinity Blade. Read on to find out why…


MediaPad Pro (iPad)

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Developer: MEDL Mobile, Inc. with Craig Orsini
App Type: Digital Photography Portfolio Maker/Presenter
Price: $14.99
Version: 1.2
Time Used: 2 months

With 58000 apps available on the iPad app store alone, there is a lot of chaff to wade through to get to the wheaty goodness of really good apps.  If an app doesn’t become one of the top few for total number of downloads, it can often fade into obscurity regardless of its quality or utility.  We recently got our hands on a copy of the digital photography portfolio suite MediaPad Pro for the iPad.  Does MediaPad Pro rise above the usual app fodder into the realm of actual utility?  Read more to find out.


Black Ops Achievement

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

By accident I discovered that I had achieved something quite special in Call of Duty Black Ops.  It’s not the usual kind of achievement that gives you GamerScore points or Trophies, but a wholly more awesome one.  As you can see above, in my Combat Record on Black Ops, I have made 1337 kills with my favourite weapon, the very cheap AK74u.  Now I have the dilemma of deciding whether I should keep using the gun and ruin my record or try to use other weapons.  ^_^  See after the jump for a detail of the awesometude.



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