Point Review: Ski Safari (iOS)

May 7th, 2012 by

Genre: Action
Players: 1
Progress: High score of 474804

The “run for your life” sub-genre of games has been a popular one on mobile devices and this latest entry in that category of games adds a winter twist. Instead of running out of sunlight, time or health this time around the player is trying to stay ahead of the snowy terror that is an avalanche! Is it innovative and fun enough to stand out among the pack? Read on to find out…

  • Your little skier (Sven) is rudely awakened by an avalanche and has to outrun it to survive. While skiing down the mountain the player will run into different animals like penguins, eagles and Yetis.
  • Animals have different attributes, penguins help you slide faster, Yetis barge through obstacles, but all help you outrun the avalanche faster than skis alone.
  • By accomplishing different tasks like grabbing an entire cluster of coins, performing a flip in the air, hopping off a rock, riding on an animal and more, your score multiplier increases. 
  • Complete challenges to increase your rank. The higher your rank the better the starting animal you begin with and the higher your maximum combo multiplier can get. 

  • Cute, bright and vivid flash-style visuals.
  • There’s a striking contrast in colors, the white slopes stand out against the bright blue sky and the characters and animals all have a cute art style.
  • The physics are well done, it is a lot easier to do a flip on skis than it is riding a snowmobile, and the way in which the player’s speed dictates the height and angle at which little Sven is propelled off a ramp just feels right. 

  • Great little soundtrack with fun and bouncy music.
  • There are charming sound effects for each of the animals.  Things like the “woosh” from your skier touching down on the mountain as he lands a massive jump show the attention to detail the developers brought to the game design.

  • Ski Safari can be described as a combination of Tiny Wings and Jetpack Joyride. It has the mechanic of landing jumps correctly to retain momentum just like the former, and completing challenges that provide the opportunity to level up just like the latter. 
  • Ski Safari‘s jumping mechanic is not quite as satisfying or technical as the gliding in Tiny Wings, nor are there purchase and customization options like those found in Jetpack Joyride
  • The gameplay is fast and fun, and there is something to be said for a game that lets you fly down a mountain on a snowmobile with a Yeti and penguin for passengers while a massive avalanche is nipping at your heels. 

Ski Safari is fast, fun and addictive. It looks and sounds cute and at only $0.99 it is an incredibly safe purchase. It may not offer mastery of the same technical mechanics found in game apps like Tiny Wings, but it can get a little more intense and is the only game I can think off that offers both penguins and Yetis as viable modes of transportation. 

 Rated 8.2