The Last Of Us (PS3) Preview

November 23rd, 2012 by

When did the end of the world ever look so beautiful? Immerse yourself in a gripping post-apocalyptic world in this PS3 exclusive title from Naughty Dog entitled The Last of Us. Throughout the game you travel to abandoned places reclaimed by the power of nature and survive not only monsters but all the dangers that roam in these cities.

Twenty years after a fungus was set loose to infect and kill people turning them into what are called “The Infected”, the military is under control of the government and is keeping everyone quarantined. Resources are scarce, so the survivors must scour the quarantine zones for ammunition to protect themselves from each other.

In The Last of Us you play as Joel, a black market dealer selling weapons and drugs and you work with a smart young girl named Ellie to survive everything the world throws at you including the Scavengers, the Infected, and the Military.

The gameplay and environments are as realistic as is gets. Bullets can fatally wound enemies, easily making them bleed out and thereby killing them with a single shot. Take extra precaution, though, as automatic health regeneration isn’t featured in the game. You have to find health packs to heal yourself, but getting them may alarm your enemies. Creative use of items like Molotov Cocktails is necessary if you want to survive. When The Last of Us comes out next year, be ready to carefully plan your move in your fight for survival.

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