Casino Games for Nintendo Systems

March 8th, 2013 by


If you are looking for some great casino games for your Wii or NDS, these are a few that come highly recommended:

One of the top Nintendo DS poker games is High Stakes Texas Hold’em. This is a great game if you are a reasonably good poker player or if you are just learning how to play the game, as the game structure is easy to get your head around. In the single player mode you pit your skill and your luck against three computer opponents. In the multiplayer mode you can simply connect with up to three other human players.  You choose the size of the blind, your bankroll, and then simply play. There are some excellent 3D animations and you can quickly refer to a chart that shows you the value of each kind of hand — particularly useful if you are a novice player. The game would be improved if it had an online option, but it is a great way for a few friends to learn the finer points of the game together.

If you enjoy playing table-style casino games, then the WiiWare game Cruise Party is a cool package that includes four casino games. These are roulette, slots, video poker and blackjack, but the best games of the four are probably roulette and blackjack. The blackjack game can be played by up to four players and is just like conventional blackjack. The roulette game is also very realistic, as you can place your chips even after the wheel has begun to spin before “No More Bets” is called. Slots and video poker are also a lot of fun, but you can’t just play slots by yourself; you can only play against three other real or computer controlled players.

Vegas Stakes, originally for the SNES, but now available on the Wii’s Virtual Console is also a compilation of various casino games, but this time you have the chance to visit four different casinos where you can play slots, roulette, craps, poker, and blackjack. You begin the game with stake money of $1,000 and your goal is to increase this to $10 million, however it is a little easier to do this in the Nintendo gaming environment than it is in real life.