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Like Bioshock? Back The Black Glove Kickstarter!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
theblackglove01 Some of the developers of the likes of Bioshock and BioShock Infinite are trying to get a very impressive story-driven game called The Black Glove kickstarted.  We pledged $215 dollars and invite you to make a contribution of whatever size you can manage to make sure this team's new game gets to see the light of day. You can see more details here: With only 17 days left and a good ways to go, we all need to spread the word or risk losing out on a unique and intriguing game experience.

Best of Green Light Bundle – Game Usagi Plays

Thursday, October 9th, 2014 We recently played through the six cool indie games that are included in the Best of Green Light Bundle.  Even though we had some technical difficulties with our recording software we had a great time.  Definitely check out Logan's character voices for the 8-bit action game Oniken. If you want to like/comment/subscribe or watch the videos directly on YouTube you can check out our playlist here: A review copy of the Best of Green Light Bundle was provided to us by

Cool Game Kickstarter: Adventures of Pip

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014
[video width="660" mp4="" poster=""][/video] Tic Toc Games is relaunching their Kickstarter campaign to help them complete their PC/Mac/Wii U game Adventures of Pip (that features stretch goals for Xbox One and PSN).  They gave us their relaunch trailer to share with you so you can see just how far along the development is for this promising adventure game. Check out their new Kickstarter if you're interested in supporting the game and snagging yourself a copy and/or some swag along the way.

NES30 Bluetooth Gamepad

Thursday, July 17th, 2014
nes30-6 Manufacturer: 8Bitdo Current Retail Price: $39.99 Last year we reviewed 8Bitdo's great take on a wireless Bluetooth Famicom controller, the FC30. This year, 8Bitdo has expanded its offerings to include a similar controller, but this time based on the classic NES controller. Does their NES-style controller live up to the lofty reputation they have established for themselves with the FC30 or is it a quick cash-in on their early successes? Read on to find out a bit more. Even more-so than with the FC30, the NES30 impresses with its packaging and general presentation. With a very high-end almost Apple-like feel, when you first get the NES30 you're greeted by a box designed to look like an NES console itself: nes30-1 You open it up and your NES30 is sitting right there surrounded by a good-quality cardboard shell of sorts: nes30-2 If you pop that off, you'll find the helpful and nicely printed (although perhaps slightly less well translated) manual booklet featuring the 8-bit mascot 8Bitdo seems to have made for themselves: nes30-3 And at the bottom you'll find the USB charging cable (a much more convenient micro USB this time) and bonus keychain nicely individually packaged: nes30-4 The USB cable is an additional step above the ones included with the FC30 controllers because it has custom 8Bitdo moulding, but the keychain (while still a nice bonus to sweeten the deal) is unfortunately exactly the same as the ones included with the FC30 and was not customized for this particular release: nes30-5 The NES30 comes with an Xtander mobile device stand just as its predecessor did and they're functionally the same with the only difference being the grey colour scheme: nes30-xtander So, did 8Bitdo learn from its missteps during the early days of the FC30? Happily, yes. Very much so. After unboxing the NES30 and using the simple instructions to update it to the latest firmware v2.2, I'm happy to report that we experienced no connectivity issues whatsoever with any of the devices or methods we tested. Using the following simple directions: nes30-instructions We were able to use Mode 1/Mode 5 perfectly on our Windows 8.1 computer, Mode 2/Mode 5 perfectly on OSX 10.9.4 and Mode 3 perfectly on all of the apps we had handy with iCade controller support. We experienced none of the hiccups that occurred with the launch FC30 units before their firmware updates were released. Better still, the Wii mode feature exclusive to the FC30 and NES30 worked a treat and allowed us to use a perfect facsimile of an NES controller (albeit with more buttons overall) to play NSMB Wii.  We tried to connect it to a Wii U out of curiosity and while it did seem to pair with the system, we were unable to get it to actually register any button presses in NSMBU.  Perhaps 8Bitdo will work out Wii U pairing in the future to allow for Virtual Console games (or games like Shovel Knight) to be played, but until then the Wii functionality is plenty impressive on its own. $40 may seem like a lot of money for an NES-styled Bluetooth controller from a smaller electronics company, but even more-so than the FC30, the NES30 is a masterfully built controller and worth every penny. It looks, feels, and functions pretty much perfectly and comes with great packaging to boot. Aside from perhaps a greedy want of Wii U support, there's absolutely nothing more we could ask from the NES30 and if you have any interest in a blissful stroll down 8-bit memory lane or just want a classic-styled controller to use with your PC/Mac/iOS/Android device, it currently doesn't get any better than the NES30. [taq_review] A review unit was provided to us by its manufacturers.

Cruiser P3210 PS3/PS4/PC Gaming Headset

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014
p3210 Manufacturer: GamesterGear Current Retail Price: $109.99 US These days you can't toss an SD card in an electronics store without hitting seven or eight gaming headsets of varying prices and quality. Whether they claim to have virtual surround sound, true surround sound, or enough bass to permanently damage the hearing of three generations of your ancestors, they all have a gimmick or two between their earpads. One particular feature missing from our expansive collection of gaming headsets has been really powerful bass, so we were very interested to test out GamesterGear's P3210s when they showed up on our doorstep. Spouting "Bass Quake" technology that is meant to let you "physically experience audio while gaming" and "feel vibrations or changes in the environment", the P3210 headset sounded like it would perfectly fill the heavy bass void that was existing in our gaming lives. Did the P3210s rock our world? Read on to find out. At first glance the P3210s are decently striking with nice metallic-looking grills and blue accents on each ear, but once you handle them the unfortunate reality of the cheap plastic their main frame is comprised of becomes immediately apparent. This is not a headset that could stand being tossed in rage or being sat on by anyone larger than, say, Danny DeVito. If you're someone who is even moderately rough with their gaming hardware, don't be surprised if you accidentally bifurcate them in the course of your gaming. Putting on the P3210s is a decidedly more pleasant story. Their "cloth ear pads", coupled with the pad on the headband and the lightness of the unit's plastic structure combine to make a very comfortable headset indeed. Once you start climbing in price, headsets of both the gaming and non-gaming variety often start to get bulky until you push through the $1000 barrier, after which you can get headphones that basically do everything shy of making you breakfast, but the questionable plastic of the P3210s in this case happily make them lighter than many of their direct competitors and can often feel like you're not even wearing them at all. The P3210's cable ended up being a bit different from what I was expecting. From the very end featuring the split USB and 3.5mm headphone jack it goes into a surprisingly thick flattened cable until it hits the inline sound controls (whose features are basically standard for this kind of headset: Mic on/off, game volume, chat volume, and bass level) whereupon it turns into a more traditional cord for a couple of feet until it reaches the unit-proper. When running the cord across a living room, the extra heft afforded by the flattened length of the cord can often get in the way of placing it properly because it can't hang from the edge of a sofa in the same way a lighter cord would. When using the headset in a PC gaming setup, though, the cord's extra bulk matters little and is a non-issue during use unless your PC is unusually far away from you for some reason. Connectivity for the P3210s is an interesting story. While they naturally function fine with all of their proscribed devices (PS4, PS3, and PC) (with the notable exception that the PS4/PS3 compatibility relies on the arcane method of requiring AV cables to be hooked up to the systems and an adapter to be attached to the red/white audio cables to provide you with your audio), they can also be used (minus full chat/microphone compatibility) with any device that has a way to get audio to a 3.5mm jack and a USB port to power them.  With this in mind, I ended up primarily using the P3210s with our surround sound receiver, utilizing the USB port meant for connecting devices with media to play to power them and a 3.5mm to ¼ inch adapter plug (see picture below). With the exception of the questionable console connectivity method, the P3210s performed admirably in every scenario I threw at them. P3210-receiver Sound quality, arguably the most important aspect of any audio product, is generally above-average with the P3210s. Featuring a 50mm primary driver and a dedicated 30mm bass driver in each ear provides a notable boost in audio clarity, immediacy, and volume over most headsets with smaller or singular drivers, but only just. While I enjoyed the quality of the sound coming from the P3210s, it seemed like any advantages it had over more expensive 40mm driver headsets came only from the fact that the driver was larger, not that it was better quality or more finely engineered. I feel that there is a lot more potential for performance in a 50mm/30mm dual-driver setup that is not realized through the P3210s, but as they are they are still an improvement any way you look at them. For a headset with dedicated bass drivers and much-touted "Bass Quake" technology, I found that the P3210s were still underwhelming on the bass front. With the bass dial turned up all the way, the headset's bass production lacks presence and character in all but the most bass-heavy media. Playing games like Mario Kart 8 and listening to 80's and electronic music on my Macbook Pro I was beginning to think that the Bass Quake feature was broken in the headset I was given. It wasn't until I tried watching some extreme action movies and playing games like Watch Dogs and Far Cry 3 that the headset started to rumble a bit. At its best the rumble was an ear-tickling distraction and at its worst it actually interfered with the bass reproduction more than it helped. I found that if I backed the bass dial off to about 85% instead of full blast I got the best compromise between head-buzzing and actual half-decent low sound.  Compared to other popular headphones like Sony's Pulse Elite, the Creative Aurvana Live!, and Tritton's Pro+ I really can't say that the P3210s outperform or even match the levels of bass reproduction in competing products.  All of the others I listed are also capable of producing a similar, if somewhat less distracting, "rumble" effect when maxed-out. All in all, the P3210s are an extremely comfortable and very good sounding headset if you're prepared for the inconvenience of hooking them up to a PS4/PS3's AV cables or forego the chat functionality in favour of a much more convenient connection.  The difference an extra 10mm on the primary driver and an additional large bass driver make on audio quality is considerable, even if the P3210s don't use this extra power as well as they could. [taq_review] A review unit was provided to us by its manufacturers.

Titanfall 5-Hour Energy Shots Drop in the US

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

The 5-hour Energy people were kind enough to send us a sample up here in Canada of the Titanfall branded 5-hour Energy shots. While they're only available at US Wal-Marts, it's interesting to see a cross-promotion of this nature. The ones with the special Titanfall labels (our box exclusively featured the Orge titan on the front) come in Berry flavour exclusively, not that it really matters due to 5-hour Energy's famously bitter taste. So, if you're in the US and you're hankering five hours of energy and coming on 10,000% of your daily recommended intake of B-12, you now have a more collectible limited-edition option at your disposal.  You'll have to pull yourself away from the game first, though.

Transformers Universe Coming This Summer

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

It was recently announced that the new Transformers Universe, a "free to play" massive multiplayer online role-playing game, is getting released over the summer, which is going to be around the same time that the Transformers 4 film is set to be released. It was initially set to be released in 2012, but has been delayed multiple times for unknown reasons. The game was officially announced to the public during the 2011 BotCon, but we're only just seeing proper trailers for the game now.

Transformers Universe is certainly a long ways from where the franchise got its start in 1983. The franchise has performed quite well since its beginning. Almost everything the franchise has gone into has become widely popular including action figures, television, comics, movies, and gaming.

The Transformers franchise has been a mainstay in the video game industry since its first game was released in 1985 for the Commodore 64. The franchise hasn’t just stuck to console or computer gaming either, though there have been 27 Transformers games thus far. Transformers also has a themed slot machine at BetFair now that’s known for its welcome bonuses. My personal favourite is them matching the first three buy-ins up to a total of £2,000.

Universe is going to be quite different from the previous Transformers games, and not only because it's browser-based. The game allows players to build their own Transformer from scratch by letting them choose their character's class, weapons, vehicle, and colours. Universe also promises to let the player choose their side, whether it is Autobot or Decepticon. Of course all of the classic favourites will be in the game, like Megatron, Bumblebee, and Optimus, but will be non-playable.

The gameplay will be different than the typical MMO since this is being branded an MMOTA (Massive Multiplayer Online Tactical Action game). The game will consist of commanders that will be recruiting others to join their faction. It appears that everyone will be given the status of Commander, and it is clear that they will need to get different types of characters involved. What is unclear is if they are meant to recruit other players, just NPC bots, or some combination of the two.

The classes are what set apart the different types of Transformers. Some will be better at close combat while others will better at things like sniping. The commander will need to be aware of these different qualities for their squad and those that they are fighting.

The concept is based on a total world-wide war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. In fact the official website states that, “Efforts count not only for individual honors [sic] but also to the overall standing of your faction - it’s not just about the battle, it’s about the war.” This likely means that there will be some sort of tally as to which side is winning, and they may have periodical winners and losers in the vein of Planetside 2 or Hybrid.

The game recently released a new trailer which is featured at the top of the article courtesy of IGN.  The graphics appear to be top notch. The characters do have a different appearance than in the movies, though because the game is based more so off the 1st generation Transformers from the comics and original TV series.  Another thing that’s easily noticed in the trailer is that the weapons appear to be very diversified. It shows everything from a sword to an engine-sized plasma cannon.  What the trailer conveniently forgets to mention, though is the fact that the game is going to use the "free to play" business model.

Transformers Universe is certainly gearing up to be the next big MMOG, a "free" game that can apparently be accessed anywhere with top notch graphics may well draw in a crowd. It’s easy to see how the game has struggled to get off the ground. The world needs to be massive, even if it gets half the number of players that they're expecting. From what I’ve seen, the game is completely online. No downloads means that they would need an enormous amount of tech to handle that infrastructure without the usual latency and down-times that plague even client-run MMO games.

Once this game is released it is sure to make a splash, but whether it’s going to be a success or failure with its unusual distribution platform and polarizing economic model is anyone’s guess.

Soda Drinker Pro (PC) – Game Usagi Plays + CONTEST

Saturday, January 4th, 2014


'H' for hhhhhhflyinghhhhhhh

Chris and Logan could really use a soda right about now. Like/comment/subscribe for soda justice.

CONTEST: Reply to this post to be entered for a chance to win one of two copies of the world's greatest first person soda game!

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